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Dallas Public Insurance Adjuster Service: Where Your Needs Come First

Dallas insurance claims can quickly spiral out of control, especially if the damage sustained was extensive. Not only must you contend with an endless stream of paperwork, you have to clean up, rebuild, and recover. Between filling out papers, meeting with adjusters, scheduling appointments with contractors, and dealing with all kinds of documentation requirements, there's little time left for anything else.

Fortunately, help is available. Let a Dallas public adjuster take over your insurance claim so you can get back to the business of living your life. When we step in, we become your advocate. Everything we do is done on your behalf with your best interests in mind. A public adjuster is a licensed professional that works directly for insureds like you instead of for insurance companies.

We work on a contingency which means you'll never pay upfront nor will you pay if our work doesn't lead to a settlement. Our fee, which is a small percentage of the final settlement, is regulated by the State of Texas's insurance department. With little risk and much to gain, put your insurance claim in caring, capable hands by hiring a public adjuster. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.



2106 Bennett Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206
Texas Public Adjuster License # 1388578